Christine Dewar

Christine Dewar

Christine Dewar is a fully trained and qualified practitioner with more than 30 years experience in the fields of personal & spiritual development, coaching, therapy and teaching. She is educated to postgraduate level and is professionally registered in the UK.

The therapeutic tools she uses are hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, counselling, meditation, coaching and Sekhem. 

She is also a qualified and experienced teacher of Religious Studies and Philosophy. Her interest in and practise of Buddhist meditation has led to current research into the impact of mindfulness on emotional regulation and the development of positive emotional states in adults and young people. A lifelong ‘lay’ interest in scientific developments and energy has now led her to work directly with Sekhem (SourceSTAR) healing energy, as a practitioner and teacher.

Her professional and spiritual journey has taken her to a wide variety of working environments – corporate, schools, higher education, government authority, consultancy – where she has developed and implemented mainstream personal development and coaching programmes within the UK and throughout Europe. She has acted as a consultant for similar projects within Russia , South Africa and India predominantly working with women and children from all backgrounds.

Much of her own work has been carried out on the level of mind and spirit through various forms of therapies, coaching, personal/spiritual development, meditation and also teaching.  She, however, firmly believes that no one aspect of ourselves can be sacrificed for the others and that health and harmony arise from finding balance and integration out of  ‘dis-integration’. Her approach is that of a facilitator, believing that all of us have within us the solutions to our own health and wellbeing and that the role of the practitioner is simply to be present and to support.  the person which are committed to change while  She has also come to believe that our greatest gifts are our inherent compassion, courage, wisdom and acceptance  – that these are the gateways to healing. Our task is to find access to these qualities and to cultivate them.

One of the key programmes she delivers to support this work is The Mindfulness Programme– the cornerstone to full living.  Mindfulness practice is beneficial for everyone in terms of quality of living – it can be especially useful and important for those with chronic conditions such as stress, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, negative mind states and many other debilitating conditions. The research carried out over many years initiated by the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Mass. has continually reaffirmed the vast benefits to overall health and wellbeing which arise from this practice. 
Christine is firmly committed to the philosophy of holistic health advancement, in that by working together and bringing together the skills and understanding of various therapies, it is more possible to deliver truly holistic support which can more effectively support healing – we share the search for happiness and only by living authentically can we find this.

Dip.Clinical Hypnotherapy: Adv. NLP, Coaching & EFT: Dip Couns
SourceSTAR (formerly Sekhem) Master Teacher (Currently studying MSc in Mindfulness Studies and Compassion with Aberdeen University & Samye Ling Buddhist Centre)

Professional Memberships:  GTC Scotland ; British Institute of Hypnotherapy; UKCHO;UK & Northern Ireland Assoc Psychotherapists.