Ivan Barry

Ivan Barry

My name is Ivan Barry and I travel widely, giving talks on mental health and hearing voices and sharing better ways to manage and cope with these experiences.

I support individuals on line and by email and give away FREE guides

for health workers, parents and individuals who sometimes hear critical and challenging voices.

​I’m a member of the European Hearing Voices Network and Intervoice which works to spread ideas that help others and reduce misunderstanding in public perception relating to voice hearing.

I am entirely self funded. In 2011, and after almost 20 years working within hospital and community mental health settings, I decided to take my work on the road, speak wherever I am invited to and carry on raising awareness and reducing stigma relating to mental health issues.

I have talked on BBC Radio, Icelandic TV and given talks, spoken at conferences in Cairo, Egypt, all in the last few years.

How do I fund myself?

I rely entirely on my ability and skills, developed over 30 years, to read my Zen Tarot for clients at Mind Body and Spirit events or on one to one sessions using Skype. This keeps me fed and watered as I go and allows me to carry on with my awareness raising work.

I discovered this Zen Mirror Tarot deck of insight and wisdom way back in 1987 and have helped many to gain clarity and insight into their circumstances since. They gain increased insight and self guidance in moving ahead into the weeks and months to come, regardless of challenges, and help to develop a plan in responding better, more effectively.

I have now been on the road since 2011 and visited three continents to date.

I am a big fan of all things relating to ZEN