Lorraine Poole

Lorraine Poole


My spiritual journey officially began in 1993, when I was first attuned to Usui Reiki. Truth be told, I was aware of spirit and things psychic from an early age, but reiki sparked off the whole process of learning to develop my skills.

Since then, it’s been an… interesting ride, learning to read cards (too many to mention), being taught mediumship, further healing (became a Reiki teacher in 2000), writing… and art.

Art came as a complete surprise on my path and I’m not ashamed to say it has taken me many years to accept that I have some potential in that area. Although I did get an art higher, I did little with it until it was suggested that I dabble in pastels. Then a ‘chance’ encounter introduced me to a master artist who taught me pastel techniques.

From there, my spirit friends decided I could have a go at drawing with the aid of spirit artists.

After a few years of practicing, I decided to take the plunge and try to draw and read for the general public. This was in 2007 and since then I have been a regular at Scottish psychic fairs with my business, Light Within. My approach is simple: I tune in to spirit for guidance and insight. I am intuitively guided to the correct pastel colours and my clairsentience informs me of the flow of energy which directs my hand. During the drawing process, I pass on whatever the spirit friends wish the sitter to know. I sometimes also use different packs of oracle cards as an extra tool to ‘punctuate’ the message. By the end of the session, I will have sketched the face of someone in spirit… a guide, loved one or angel. It’s never clear until I am almost done who I am getting and so I cannot guarantee any particular person. I trust our spirit friends to know what is best for the sitter at that time.

One thing I do know for certain about my spirit portraits… they provide a window into spirit energies, providing a focal point for healing, meditation, contemplation and wonder. Some bring closer connection to spirit mentors, while others allow loved ones to bring their love to you.

Lately, I have begun to expand my artwork into broader areas such as intuitive abstracts and symbolism in pastel, acrylic and oil. I look forward to exploring this new vibration in my art!