Scott Young

Scott Young


My name’s Scott Young.

I’ve been investigating and exploring life and my relationship to it, through meditation and mindfulness for the past 20 years or so, after an invitation to approach life differently from how I had been… That’s another story.

From that point in time i’ve been meditating every day, learning from various teachings and traditions.

Since 2014 I embarked on my training with the Mindfulness Association and I have completed 16 weekend retreats so as to gain the knowledge and foundations to practise Mindfulness, Compassion and Insight meditation….

I have also completed the first part of Mindfulness Teacher Training, which encourages me to share what i have learned and to invite other people into mindfulness practise, as a group.

It’s time to step out and share what i have come to know, through my own personal experience, supported through the wisdom teachings, which the Mindfulness Association has it’s foundations in.

Even though I have been meditating every day for 20 years, i approach every practise session with beginners mind. I invite you to do so as well.

I love sharing in mindful space with other people, especially in a society which is at times, overstimulating, so please come along and share in this….

Some meditation experience is preferable, whether it me mindfulness or not, but in these drop in sessions we will be exploring mindfulness practises.

Our moments of mindfulness are like necessary punctuation marks, in a fast flowing book.

I shall also be sharing a more embodied movement meditation session on other occasions at the Heart Centre…. More to follow on that